This class incorporates rigorous interval training sequences with high-intensity exercises. We will focus on building cardiovascular fitness while simultaneously increasing muscular strength and endurance. You will learn new and challenging movements to help you develop as a well-rounded athlete. Our program rotates based on the day of the week to keep your body guessing!


Decided to run a Spartan Race, Bone Frog, Tough Mudder, and Rugged Maniac or many of the other locally held obstacle course races in the area? If that’s you then look no further than right here! With over 15 ready to train on obstacles our Certified Spartan SGX Coaches will have you ready to master the course, leave the competition in the dust and maybe…Stand On The podium!


Come to a class that envelopes the essence of what our gym strives to create. High intensity, Olympic lifting, cardio, endurance and the biggest calorie burn of the week! Work at your own pace or compete against some of Jacksonville’s highly rated trainers and O.C.R. Athletes. We provide guidance on form, stretching, warm-up and keep you motivated along the way! We are Jacksonville’s Best Sunday Workout for a reason! Come Join Us!


One of our premier morning classes! This class is designed to tackle Upper and Lower body muscle groups on a phase plan to prevent stagnation. Learn Olympic lifting, produce power, and experience a new way of increasing strength aside from standing in front of a mirror, increase your base metabolic rate and feel great the rest of the day!


Our Boot Camps are designed to invoke sweat, grit, muscle fatiguing, and place your body into an anabolic state. Develop your athletic base by increasing strength to dominate your next obstacle course race, competition or road race.

Personal Training

Looking to jump start your program?  Or, do you have specific goals you wish to achieve?  Personal Training at Gett Itt Core Fitness is a partnership between the trainer and client. Our experienced trainers will build a tailored personal program for you, and will teach, coach, encourage, and motivate you to become the best you can be.

Challenge Ordinary Reward Excellence

Challenge the ordinary and embrace your fitness goals. Reward your excellent achievements with greater health.