A New Sport From the Creators Of Spartan Race:

DEKAFIT is a true modern-day decathlon of fitness for the participant of each and every fitness level.mPutting an emphasis on training with a purpose, DEKAFIT gives you the ability to consistently set goals and challenge yourself.
The DEKAFIT Arena combines 10 Fitness Zones all processed by a 500-meter run making it the most well-rounded function fitness training and testing environment ever created.

The word compete was derived from the two Latin terms- Com and Petere. Com meaning come together and Petere meaning seek and strive. So if you’re looking to improve your fitness and become the best version of yourself, you’re in the right place. We welcome you to seek, strive, and come together with use because you deserve a DEKAFIT Mark!

Challenge Ordinary Reward Excellence

Challenge the ordinary and embrace your fitness goals. Reward your excellent achievements with greater health.